Chiropractic Testimonials

"July 15th gotten a life-changing accident basically lost everything had to get attorneys came up here to live with family and to heal Kriss Chiropractic got with my attorneys did whatever they could to help me get through this and the heal up. Dr. Kriss and his staff are the most amazing real people you'll ever meet trust me if the world had more people like this, the world would a better place to live in, honest professional courteous no BS, just the facts to you a better person. I have nothing but love and respect for them."

- Harry L.

"Love this chiropractic facility! They were able to see me immediately for an injury-- their staff even held my baby and played with my toddler so I could get through my office visit. Very comprehensive and friendly doctors!"

- Sarah L.

"Professional and competent. If I hadn't moved an hour away, I'd still go there for any chiropractic needs. Dr Kriss really understands athletes (probably because he is one!) and is always very real with timelines, prognosis, etc.
Also billing was super easy."

- JL M.

"Been seeing Dr. KRISS for over 5 years. I have been to many chiropractors over the last 20 years and he is excellent. I have broken vertebrae that healed without medical intervention, 4 ruptured discs and spinal stenosis from several accidents. Because of Dr. KRISS, I do not need pain pills and live a full active life. Thanks Dr!"

- Rebecca H.

"I have been visiting Dr. Kriss for a couple of months now and am extremely satisfied with the results of his plan of correction. I have been battling with an elbow issue that had constant pain for 6 years that I was sure was going to require surgery to repair and a shoulder issue with very sharp pain for 2 years that was at times unbearable. Not to mention my neck and lower back that have been plaguing me for many years. After a couple of visits and some interesting adjustments, my elbow is nearly normal now and doesn't hurt constantly. My should has improved, but still needs some work and my neck and back have not been bothering me nearly as much as before seeing Dr. Kriss. I would strongly recommend anyone that is experiencing issues with any joint to go see him for a consultation visit. It may prove to be as successful as my experience has been and greatly reduce your pain level. Dr. Kriss and his staff are very professional and friendly. What are you waiting for???"

- Shawn T.

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