Doing What You Suck At

Healthy Runner

It’s easy and comfortable to do what you are good at. It may be hard, but since it is in your psyche “that’s cool, this is fun”, it may be difficult but enjoyable. Chances are you are pretty good at it. Top Maple Valley Chiropractor Phillip Kriss explains the importance of getting outside your comfort zone.

It’s easy to do what you love! If swimming is your passion, you probably find yourself in the water 3 or more days a week doing very difficult workouts. And, it likely is enjoyable!

There are some who may not have the same passion. When they do make the occasional water appearance, it can be with apathy and sarcasm resulting in lack of effort. (That’s me!). Not only will it hurt that person’s performance via poor mindset, but it can pollute others who think swimming is really cool!

Even if you do something you really love to do and are good at it, finding room for improvement is necessary and beneficial. It is important to make your strong suits stronger.

Addressing Your Weaknesses

However, everybody has a weak spot that needs to be addressed. If anybody is going to make progress, they must work harder on the weak spots than they do the strong suit.

Weak spots could be swimming, biking or running. It could be strength training. It could be nutrition. It could be your health. It could be your headspace. It could be your lack of time. It could be you hate getting up in the morning (because you stayed up too late eating junk food while drinking excessive amounts of bad for you stuff while on a Netflix or Youtube binge). Ever make that choice? Doesn’t make getting up at 4:30 to work out sound like much fun now, does it?

Making a positive change is not as difficult as we may thing it is. Much of it has to do with who we hang around with.

So, find people who successfully do what you need to do and do what they do!

I had a most interesting conversation with a then unknown running buddy of mine many moons ago. I heard he ran the famed 20.5 mile “Orting Death Loop” each Sunday morning at 4:15. I needed to do that since my running long distances sucked. I found him on Facebook. We agreed on the time. Having never met him before, I opened the conversation with “I hope you don’t’ think I am too much of an a#*^($e, because I am going to run with you each Sunday unless I am racing”. We became best of friends. The group grew. We all became my friends and story-telling comrades. I made it to Boston several times. I got sucked into the Ironman thing. I met my wife Heidi when she showed up to run one day! Amazing how that story turned out. After not too long the 20 mile run was a piece of cake.

The marathon became easy, not because of my super great talents, skill or determination, but because of those I hung around that that spurred to thing bigger than I had thought. I didn’t want to fail largely because of them, and they encouraged me to suck it up and keep going.

It confirmed the truth anybody can accomplish almost anything they want provided they are willing to pay the price necessary for success.

Just one word of advice…Don’t be telling the successful thinkers what your stinking thinking brain really thinks. Keep your fat mouth and loose tongue shut and paste a smile on it until it becomes real!

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