Cupping in Maple Valley

cupping in Maple Valley WA

What is Cupping?
Cupping is an ancient body therapy that has been used for centuries across the globe. Cupping employs “negative pressure” by pulling upwards on the tissue with suction.  During a standard massage, therapists are limited to compressing the tissue towards the body and stretching the muscles from side-to-side. Adding the negative pressure of cupping greatly increases the areas of the body that can be reached during manual therapy.  It is highly effective at stretching fascia, breaking up scar tissue, addressing orthopedic problems, reducing pain, and promoting lymphatic drainage to flush toxins from the body.  Please see below for a detailed description of how cupping works, what to expect, contraindications, and the history of cupping.

Cupping Therapies
The massage therapists at Kriss Chiropractic and Maple Valley Massage are trained and certified by the International Cupping Therapy Association (ICTA). We currently use 4 types of cups in our treatments: Silicone Baguanfa Cups, Kangzhu Plastic cups with a hand pump, Bells glass cups with a rubber plunger to create suction, and a Bellatazze facial cupping set with softer rubber plungers for the fragile skin of the face.  Below is a list of cupping therapies that we offer:

Cupping Information & FAQ:

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Facial Cupping Therapy

Small glass cups with gentle suction are moved over the face, neck and upper chest.  This exercises the cutaneous layer of the skin and helps with flaccidity, expression lines, dehydration, and poor circulation.  One side of the face is done at a time, and lymphatic fluid is drained regularly through the neck and into the lymphatic drains of the upper chest. This therapy feels like a micro-massage for the face, and is very relaxing. Many people fall asleep during treatment.

After one treatment skin feels warmer, tighter, lighter, and more stimulated.  The pores are open and the blood is flowing so this is a perfect time to apply a facial mask or do a moisturizing treatment. The long-term effects build over a series of facial sessions.  A typical Facial treatment schedule is 2x-week for 3 weeks and then 1x-week until the desired results are achieved.  Maintenance therapy is suggested at 1x-month to start, with increasing duration between maintenance treatments.

How Facial Cupping Works:

  • Stimulates fibroblasts to increase collage production and improve elasticity
  • Strengthens the dermis of the face by correcting circulation deficiencies
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Reduces swelling and detoxifies, which makes for a more youthful appearance (without Botox!)
  • Decreases muscle tension to ease expression lines
  • Stimulates cellular production of ATP which carries energy to the cells, helping them accept fluid and plumping them up
  • Moisturizes skin by increasing local circulation of blood. Facial coloring is improved, Droopy eyelids are lifted and sagging/double chins are minimized
  • Decreases swelling and puffiness by stimulating manual lymphatic drainage. Drains stagnant fluids and reduces edema of the face. It also stimulates thyroid, adrenal, eye, ear, sinus, and brain functions
  • Tightens pores, improving hormonal imbalances to help with acne and reduce signs of stress in the face
  • Addresses sinus infection and inflammation with the loosening and draining effect of suction
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